Vies Altes is a space that allows you to do the best celebration! Games and boundless enthusiasm! Vies Altes adventure park you will find the pack that suits you best. We customize your event only for you!

Youth party

Do you like the adrenaline? Then back to the trees where we get off a good day!

Two circuits to choose
Breakfast or aft. snack (picnic + sandwiches)
Drink and cake
Hours to be chosen
Minimum 1.30 meters

Friends meeting

Helping, venture out and experience good feelings is the best way to strengthen friendships.

2 + circuits obstacle
Breakfast (sandwiches + drinks)
Visit a winery with wine tasting
We reserve the restaurant (not included)
Adults over 18 years

Kids party

The best way to an anniversary or end of course is a memory forever.

One Route to choose (White, Blue or Red)
Afternoon snack
Drink and cake
Vies Altes Bag
Minimum height: 1'30m (aprox 8 years old)

Weekend with friends

Helping, venture out and experience good feelings is the best way to strengthen friendships.

Stay (two days/nights) with kitchen and evenings by the fireplace
3 park circuits (possible night circuit)
Visit a winery with wine tasting

Bachelor party

Celebrate the beginning of a great adventure with a great experience in Vies Altes adventure park!

Stay all weekend with half board in Mas d'en Gregori
3 circuits of the park (possible night circuit)
Social evenings at home.


It is both a fun and an educational and pedagogical activity and schools. It connects scholars with the forest and vegetation who will avoid falling into routine. Having strong feelings and emotions at an early stage helps us learn master self-control. This is a great way to find your inner self by playing around the trees, developing motor skills, coordination, responsibility amongst many other skills. It must be said that it’s an activity where most progresses is done individually, but enjoyed equally in a group.

Team Building

¡It is recommended for professionals involved in human relations, as our program allows to develop individual traits such as: autonomy, progress, self-control and concentration.

At a collective level: cohesion, teamwork, empathy, responsibility… all of which strengthen the cohesion of the group. HR consultants recommend this activity for team building purposes.