Tarragona CAFEMN students visit the adventure park Vies Altes

On February 17 we've been visited in our adventure park by students from ormative cycle of CAFEMN (driving sport and physical activity in the natural environment), since it is one of the possible exits from this studies. Dària and I, as alumni of sports cycles Institut Cal·lípolis and Lluís (our father), are excited that values the fact we went entrepreneurs and decide to carry out the project "adventure park Altes Vies" out of training cycles obviously try to do our best work and taking into account this fact we decided to prepare a day where students should participate actively in the proper functioning of the park.
They arrived early, and not miss a second of activity, over breakfast made them a mini lecture on the adventure park, facilities, materials used and the way of working we use. Below equipped, each with its PPE composed of the harness, the lanyards, pulley and helmet, and started the day. The first activity was the peer of a bridge, as if it were the compulsory maintenance. It was necessary to inspect all elements of the bridge, the state of materials, stress, gameplay elements, platform, lifeline, etc. And they had to fill out a review/inspection Park circuit, obviously, Dària and I went with them at all times in order to help them understand and resolve any doubts that may arise.
This year we proposed to innovate to Ricardo Redondo, teacher of security and survival of the cycle, students have to solve different problems you can find in a review/inspection, for example, any of the nodes would have undone, any of the Shackle would have undone, etc.
Obviously none of the problems to be solved to propose affects the lifeline, so that students should progress or enter the circuit point that was closer and, suspended, should resolve the failing element.
Once the review was ready, we turn to the second activity, previously, the group, must to do Briefing , basic training, where all attendees park learn to progress in the various bridges and zip lines.
Once the entire group made the two activities we do the circuit SUPER ZIP LINES , our star attraction, a series of 8 ziplines ranging from 80 to 180m in length between 16 and almost 40m high. Where we teach them how to rescue a person towing the zip lines and some of them were able to experience firsthand.
Among big laughs and smiles we were finishing experience day and returned to the reception area. Students unequiped themselves and keep the material collected in the adventure park. The day was over and all participants were happy, we said goodbye to everyone and they returned to take the bus ride to the center.
We will discuss all aspects of the day, so that when the second shift comes we can rectify minor imperfections that might occur. Photos of your experience day ara in our facebook Adventure Park Vies Altes .