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The Cal·lípolis Vocational Training Institute of Tarragona visit Vies Altes

After 3 weeks, the students from CFGM Vocational Training Institute Cal·lípolis of Tarragona returns to our adventure park VIES ALTES in a muddled and threatening day. Once again and in the same way that 21 days ago, students came to the installations by bus, we receive them at breakfast tables to use all the time available.
We did a summary since the creation of the company, pros, cons, strengths and weaknesses, and then we teach all the materials we use in the adventure park to build and revise bridges and zip lines. Then we went to children's circuit, we expected a routine check, had to check the status of all elements of each bridge, where they discovered that the information signs had flown in the wind. They scored so that we (the technicians of the adventure park) have it in mind in the next performance.
The following activity and was more focused on Tarragona's students, they should repair some items that had previously removed, simulating an accident or error in different parts of the bridges.
The difficulty of this activity is not the element fix itself but interestingly how face it because it requires thinking how to reach the bridge , how to get to the place, how to balance itself, and finally and most simple fix the problem. It should be noted that all could resolve satisfactorily because they thinking before tackling challenge.
Now is the fun part, the Supertirolina! where they enjoy like childrens and although it began to rain at the end of all we can teach them the different types of bailouts, even some of the bravest students under the rain, wanted to try firsthand how to do.n Now is the most fun part, super zip lines! Where students of the Cal·lípolis Institute of Tarragona enjoyed as a children and despite the rain we could teach the different types of rescues, even some of the bravest students under a hard rain, wanted to try first hand how to do in this extreme weather conditions.