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Vies Altes inaugurate new blue circuit

In Vies Altes over time we realized that the blue circuit had remained lifeless, he had lost the charm and lately hardly anyone had been using so we decided to change it and extend it a bit that for everyone to enjoy again...
We have removed the climbing rope , as it was a bit tricky especially for children who visit us, and we put six more bridges and a very soft zip line, the fact lengthen it also involves a bit more difficulty. Now is almost twice as long as before !!!

Come to discover the new adventure circuit in the trees

Blue Circuit

We remind you that the blue circuit is suitable for all the ages thanks to its intermediate difficulty. To overcome the circuit you must will go with good will and eager to enjoy the adventure.
Indiana, Monkey ropes ,V rope, V Woods, Pirate rope , Bridge cords, rolling logs, Monkey, Rema-rema , Zip line 50m